Hmmm…. are my ‘squirrel’ tendencies showing? With it nearing the end of 2022, I figured it was time to take stock to see what I’ve accomplished.

I’m keeping this post simple. It’s just a list. I’ve broken this years projects into 2 lists – planned and unplanned and then noted if the project is finished or unfinished.

It would appear that I’ve undertaken many more unplanned projects than planned ones 🤔🤔 and that’s because I keep chasing those darn squirrels!

Overall it was a very satisfactory year of stitching. Here’s to 2023!


The 12 Days of Christmas by Larissa Holland – Finished!! New start in 2022
Dimensions – Cardinal Stocking – unfinished
new start in 2022
Penguin Stocking – finished!
New start in 2022
Poppies in a Copper Bowl by Gail Serna – not finished! New start in 2022
Townhouse Seeing Case by Gaye Ann Rogers – not finished! WIP started in 2020
Mellerstain Firescreen by The Crewelwork Company – finished! WIP started in 2018
In the Foxgloves by Hannah Dale – finished into a lovely project bag! 2020 start
Botanical bookshelf – planned and finished into a lovely project bag! A 2021 start


Donkey Kong 8-bit – not finished
Santa’s Sleigh Ride by JBW Designs.
An early 2022 finish!
Ink Circles – Huddle
a late 2022 finish
Santa and Mrs Claus – finished – 2022 start
Boy and Girl Elves – by Larissa Holland – finished
Beaded Ornaments – Around the Beading Table. Late 2022 start – finished many ornaments (too many to count!)
Bounty Hunter and Baby Yoda – unplanned and finished!
Santa Rides, The Prairie Schooler – 2022 start
Whitework Practice Piece – finished
2022 start
16th Century Family Garden – unfinished! 2022 start
Felt Lavender Houses by Corinne LaPierre – unplanned and finished! 2022 start
Harry Potter – a last minute Christmas finish!
R2-D2 – a last minute Christmas finish!
Pikachu! – a last minute Christmas finish!

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