Happy New Year everyone! The last and final part of the Botanical Bookshelf is here – and the grand reveal is below!  In this final part we will be filling in the books and adding additional elements to the shelf (cats, mice and flying creatures).   

The flower design pattern library for 2021 is now complete (Note:  the files have been removed from the Steady Thread Facebook page)   All of these patterns are available for you to use – just access the link below…  You can use the sample pattern as provided or you can chart your own design using the different vase outlines and fillers in the Steady Thread weekly patterns for 2020 and 2021.  Use graph paper or excel to assist in placement.

Accessing the Steady Thread Patterns
All of the patterns from both the 2020 and 2021 SAL’s have been conveniently saved into a google folder.  Please click the link below to access the files. 


All that is left now is to mount and frame the finished piece (this one will fit into and 8” x10” frame).  You can finish this piece ANY way you like. I’m thinking of finishing my piece into a project bag.

The Final Reveal

2022 Steady Thread SAL

Clare Bradshaw of the Steady Thread has announced another SAL for 2022!  She has posted the information in the Steady Thread Group on Facebook.  It is a private group and you will need to ask to join the group.


If you are not on facebook, she has details of the SAL on her website: https://thesteadythread.com/pages/sal-2022   You do not need to be on Facebook to join this SAL.  She has information on her website on how to join outside of it!  

I hope you have enjoyed this little SAL!  I’ve had fun playing around with the designs and sharing them with you!

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