Testing out the 24″ scroll bars with 8″ side spreaders.

I recently got an opportunity to try out FA Edmunds newest scroll frame offering – the “Handi Clamp Hybrid Scroll Frame”. This scroll frame is a hybrid which combines the traditional roll bars with the easy to use “Q-Snap” technology.

AND…. I LOVE them!

From the website…. The Set – 6″ and 8″ side spreaders, 8″, 14″ and 20″ scroll rods with plastic handi clamps, 3 prong knobs
My set! As described!

I’m a stitcher that rotates projects very often – I can work on 3 or more different projects in one day. I just love how quickly and easily these scroll bars are to set up and swap out different pieces. I prefer to mount pieces into scroll frames only when I am working on them and this scroll frame offering allows me to do just that.

They work just like a Q-snap – place your fabric over the wooden bar and snap on the plastic covers over the fabric. And then, just like a scroll frame, loosen the side knobs (knots) and “roll” the fabric until it’s tight. When I’m ready to move on to the next project in my rotation, it doesn’t take much time at all to swap out and get stitching.

The bars are very light. I tested out a 24″ long set of scroll bars and 8″ spreaders with 2 different sized project pieces and, other than being a bit bouncy in my Lowery stand, the set up was light enough that it did not cause the stand to topple over. No extra weight on the stand base was required. My ony modification was to support the one end of the frame on a table to keep everything stable as I stitched.

Side tension is always an issue with scroll bars. Invest in a set of side tensioners or mattress cover clamps

My test set up – I’ve propped the frame onto a small table to give extra stability while stitching.

The positives:

  • quick and easy to set up
  • no tacks, sewing or specialty tape required
  • very light
  • comes in a variety of sizes
  • reasonably priced (at my LNS)
  • fabric does not loosen off easily

The not so positives (but there are good solutions):

  • not enough tension on the sides of the fabric (but this is a problem with ALL scroll bars). The solution would be to purchase a set of side tensioners
  • you may need to have extra fabric to “roll” at the top and bottom so that the fabric you are working on stays tight (again a problem with ALL scroll bars). The solution would be to use a longer than needed piece of fabric OR you could sew on “scrap” fabric to give extra length that could be rolled
My Lowery with the 24” bars – almost no bounce!
The scroll frame fits nice and tight into my Lowery stand clamp.

Where to buy? Check out Calgary Embroidery Marketplace – they have the full set available for a most reasonable price!


Quick set up. This piece is now ready to stitch on – it only took a few minutes to set up
Side tensioners from Beavers Stash.

I’ve purchased a set of side tensioners from Beaver’s Stash – another newly found online Alberta embroidery shop!


They arrived super quick and the owner is very responsive. Stay tuned for more on this product!

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