I’ll be carrying forward quite a few projects from 2022. It will be interesting to see how much I accomplish on these projects in 2023. I am continually surprised at where my stitching takes me when I’m inspired.

Limonera Pear – started 2021
Donkey Kong 8 bit – Started 2022
Embroideries based on blind line contour drawings – self portraits – inspired by Andy Warhol – started late 2022
Cardinal Stocking – started 2022
A Townhouse Sewing Case by Gay Ann Rogers. Second longest WIP – Started in 2020 😣
16th Century Family Garden – Started 2022
Poppies in a Copper Bowl – started May 2022
Resting on Pears – not started
Phoenix Design by Deborah Wilding.
My longest outstanding WIP – started in 2020.

On finishing things ..

I really like to finish my stitching projects. And I mean really finish. When I start a new project (whether planned or unplanned) I make sure that I have an idea on how I want the piece to be finished after I’ve stitched it.

Do I want it framed? Or do I want a soft finish? I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine and I love to make project bags, pillows, ornaments, or what have you with my stitched pieces.

I find that many of my pieces do NOT end up framed. A lot of the stitching I do is just for fun (because I like the design) or it’s a practice piece where I’m learning new techniques.

Many pieces found a place in my first fabric journal (which you can read about in some of my earlier posts from the previous couple of years.

I expect that I will be making more journals in the future. They are a great way of recording all of the work that I have done.


New for 2023!!

I’m hosting a stitch-along on Facebook which starts in January 1, 2023! It’s a private FB group but if you search “2023 Stitchy Stitch-a-Long” you should be able to find it and ask to join.

I’m going to be working on two pieces both cross stitch – Both by Ink Circles. Metamorphosis and Dog’s Declaration.

Metamorphosis by Ink Circles – new 2023 start!
Dog’s Declaration – Ink Circles – a new start in 2023!

New learning in 2023

I am always looking at ways to develop my artistic and embroidery skills. This year I am looking forward to some new work

An Introduction to Portraits with Emily Jo Gibbs – I’m very excited about this class! Learning how to draw portraits and then translating them to embroidery.


EAC Seminar 2023 in Winnipeg. I’ve registered for a 4 day class on goldwork/surface embroidery with Kathy Andrew’s. I’m not sure yet if I’m officially in the class (and I have a couple of back up classes selected just in case).


Pulled thread cyber course taught by Joyce Gill with Embroidery Association of Canada


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