This was a very fun piece to stitch – A Townhouse Sewing Case by Gaye Ann Rogers. Started during COVID when I had lots of time on my hands. Being housebound for an extended period of time allowed for a lot of stitching! Started: March 2020, Finished March 2023

Stitched on congress cloth using silk threads, this piece was lovely to stitch. Simple, beautiful stitches and design elements make this a lovely piece.

The townhouse roof.

The front of the sewing case. A simple blackwork fence and a beautiful blue door with satin stitch panels.

Simple window boxes with flowers in straight stitch.

The front and back are done.

Prepping the attachments for the inside of the sewing case.

The sewing case border is a double row of Nunn Stitch, followed by a single row of plaited stitch (1×2)

a single row of plaited stitch is added to the inside of each of the attachments.

Filling each box!

Prepping the inside of the sewing case. Using Nunn stitch, I’ve added outlines where each of the attachments will go to the inside of the case. There’s a needle book, pocket for needles, a scissor holder and two tool holders.

Everything is cut out! The trick is to not get too close to the outer row of Nunn stitch. If you cut the thread – it’s “no bueno”. I was smart and did a practice piece on scrap fabric – I knew just how close to cut.

Laying the pieces in their correct spots. Sewn on using a running stitch through the inside row of Nunn stitch. The sewing case has a nice layer of heavy duty interfacing inside it.

A good view of the front and back of the sewing case. The tool holders are already stitched down. Just finish up with the scissor holder.

The needle book was made up separately and then the back page was sewn to the inside of the case.

Beautiful ivory wool felt was added to the inside of the needle book.

Sewing the back and front together.

Almost there!

Cording and tassels were hand made and attached (at the very end). I’ve added a few tools to show how they fit inside the case.

The little needle case is my favourite element of the piece.

This sewing case is going back to its owner. My very good friend gave me the kit, I enjoyed the stitch and the finishing. A very delightful design.

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