From January 2021…

Cross stitch temperature stitch projects seem to be all the rage this year (and last year too). This is my own “surface embroidery” take on a super cool idea. This project was kicked off in January 2021 with our local guild! 

I wanted the time commitment to be relatively low for this project – just a few minutes of stitching a week!

Introducing the “Floral Field/Fifty Two Flowers” Temperature Stitch Along

One petal = one day – use long and short stitch to blend the daily high and low into each petal.

Create a one-of-a-kind design that reflects the changing temperatures throughout the year.

A temperature stitch is a year-long embroidery project that you add to each day. Track each day’s high and low temperature and stitch a whole flower (a week) in a sitting. Over the course of the project, you can see patterns and anomalies occurring as the temperature dips and rises.

This is a surface embroidery project (not counted) which can be done in any assortment of embroidery stitches.  Back stitch, satin stitch, French knots, lazy daisies, etc.  You choose what stitches you would like for each dayInclude variations for rain or snow.

Here’s a link to the Weather Network which records the historical daily temperature high/lows

weeks 1 and 2
Update: January to April 2021

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