from January 2021…

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you and your families continue to be well.  It looks like this new year will be as interesting as the last!  I like to look at it as a gift of time.  It’s been wonderful working on my journal projects and sharing them with you.  It has enabled me to continue growing as an embroiderer, amateur designer and newbie vlogger.  I’ll be continuing this process through this new year (and more than likely longer)!

Trish Burr Journal
Slow and steady on this one.  I’ve finished embroidering the bee! He’s pretty cute!

Goldwork Journal
After A LOT of pondering and planning, I’ve finally figured out the final layout for my goldwork journal.  Thanks to the freezer paper printing method, I have been able to complete all of the pages for the journal and have just finished assembling all of the pages!  This is very exciting news as I can see this journal being finished in the not-too-distant future!   

Check out my video tutorial on page construction of my goldwork journal

Journal Page Construction

Much time has been spent learning how to do video editing and I hope that the quality of my videos is getting a bit better (and also more to the point so they are shorter).  There’s still lots to learn!   The next video will be on sewing the pages of this journal together.  There is also the front and back cover to consider – I have a basic idea but it’s still a work in progress. 

“Getting it out of my System” Journal
I’ve finished 3 pages so far for this journal and have 2 more under way.  My 2021 “52 Flowers” Temperature stitch is underway!  This won’t be done till the end of 2021 so I think I’ve bought quite a bit of time for myself to complete this journal (whew).  I am working on is the Floral Field design by Stitch Floral – this is going to be an awesome piece!

A crewelwork page is planned as well (a kit from my stash) and I would like to design a layout or two using some of my smaller finished pieces that don’t really have a home right now.
I am still working on a way to pull the whole book together and there may be some poetry, a story or other creative writing element included.

All in all, on the creative side, not a bad way to end 2020 and to start 2021!!

A start on “Floral Field”

Happy stitching!

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