Ink jet printer meets hand embroidery… and they become friends! I love being able to use modern tools to assist with the embroidery process. Printing designs right onto fabric is a game changer – especially for small designs.

Freezer paper has made the leap into craftland! I remember my mother using it to wrap meat prior to freezing. And I’ve always had a roll kicking around which I have used for other projects (it’s great for cutting precise shapes – more on this later). And now it’s available in 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets.

I purchased a pack of “The Gypsy Quilter” Applique Freezer Paper from Although a little expensive, the package contains 30 sheets – and they go a long way!

If you want to look into purchasing your own pack of freezer paper, here’s the link to Amazon:


  • pattern lines are clean and clear (the image transfers exactly)
  • easy to adjust size of pattern
  • adjust font to grey which makes the pattern lines invisible when stitched over top
  • Thinner fabrics work the best. I’ve had the best results with 100% quilting fabric, calico and high count fabrics.
  • You can reuse each page 2 or 3 times (as long as you get good adhesion on the edges)


  • jury is out if you can use a laser printer…
  • Maximum size is 8 1/2 x 11″ (that’s how big the sheets are, and I can’t put anything larger through my inkjet printer)
  • Thick fabrics don’t work as well (twill)
  • the fabric can get stuck in the printer if it is not fully adhered to the paper
  • The printer may leave marks on your fabric that you don’t want (especially thick fabrics, or if the fabric gets stuck)

I’ve printed quite a few pages now and I love the transfer – here’s some tips and tricks to help get a good result:

  • to minimize a printer jam:
    • trim your fabric so that it is a mm smaller than the paper
    • make sure that no fabric extends over the edge of the paper
    • fabric should have clean, straight edges (no fraying)
  • use light fabric (quilters cotton works great)
  • make sure fabric is fully adhered to the paper (use a hot, dry iron)
  • you can re-use each page at least twice
  • lighten your design (50% grey), keep lines as thin as possible
I couldn’t imagine tracing out this design! It took only a few minutes to print!

Check out my YouTube Video Tutorial on how to transfer a design using freezer paper:

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