From March 2021

Hello there fellow stitchers, it’s March – how time flies!  I must say that my mantra for the start of 2021 is ‘get ‘er done’.  January and February have gone by quickly and, thanks to some very cold weather and continued restrictions, I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit!  My WIP list keeps getting smaller and smaller and I’m eyeing a number of new projects and am eagerly anticipating the goldwork workshop with Natalie Dupuis and the EAC Seminar.  

Floral Field by ThreadFolk is done! I’m excited to finish this piece – it is going to be an awesome addition to my journal!

Floral Field

Floral Field was designed by ThreadFolk check out their store on Etsy:

Stitching aside, I am enjoying this spell of warm, spring-like weather and my stitching has been put aside a bit more often so that I can get outside for walks.  I’ve even pulled out a lawn chair so I can sit on the patio!  Hopefully I can get my bike out soon 🙂

Goldwork Journal – almost finished! Great progress has been made – my pages are all assembled and sewn together.  Here are two Youtube tutorials on the process.  I have finalized the design for the cover of the book.  Threads are selected and it’s framed up and ready to stitch.  

Sewing Journal Pages together (all by hand)

And for inspiration and continued love of finding new projects, here’s a few really cool things I’ve found. Enjoy!

Modern blackwork designs…Maybe not for the journals…. BUT …. I love finding new designs and designers – the most recent being Charlotte – she’s from the UK and is a stay at home mom.  Her designs are delightful – especially her Cold Animal Designs.  If you are into trains – check out her locomotive – it is spectacular!

From Trish Burr…I found these three free tutorials on Trish’s website – they are wonderful and offer a nice little taster into her technique on whitework and needlepainting.  Check them out!

Free downloadable tutorial on How to do Surface Embroidery
Free downloadable tutorial on how to do needlepainting
Free downloadable tutorial on how to do whitework with colour

From Mary Corbet’s Needle’n Thread..Mary Corbet’s website and blog have long been a staple for me for learning new embroidery techniques, doing research and getting ideas.  She’s focusing more on posting tutorials in 2021.  This is the first.  Each post is full of wonderful information and contains many interesting links that you can follow!

Also peruse her free downloadable patterns – she has MANY!  and they are all great!  In addition to the pattern outline, she writes incredible tutorials which include links to instructions.

Five ways to embroider a wheat design – Parts 1-4

Embroidered Lettering…are you looking to add some words, phrases or poems to an embroidery page?  This handy video may help you out!

Cool Etsy Shops…oh so much inspiration for new projects (or embroidery pages)…There are many, many excellent embroidery designers on Etsy. Here’s a couple of my new favourites!
Sewn by Collette Kinley
Little Dear
Diane Knott
The Floss Box

Happy stitching!

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