I swore that, after the “L” monogram piece, I would steer clear of or nue for a while…. remember the “L”?

And then I was introduced to this piece – I fell in love with this beautiful little toadstool which was designed by Mandy Ewing. I HAD to stitch it and include it in my goldwork journal. This piece was a real challenge for me – understanding the shading of the piece and interpreting into the design and managing parked threads.

I did my best keeping this piece to a manageable size – but it still ended up around 2 1/2″ x 2 1/4″. It sounds a little funny saying that a 2″ piece is large – but for or nue, that is large! The technique is very labour intensive and, at one point, I had around 12 different threads going at once!

This was a true learning piece and I love how it turned out. I am quite proud of the shading that I was able to accomplish. Will I do more or-nue? Yes, I think I will! Although it’s a very time consuming process to stitch, I love the results – so intricate and beautiful…. and very shiny!!

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