I’ve long been a fan of the Crewelwork Company. Their Mellerstain Firescreen design was the catalyst which brought me to where I am today. I purchased the firescreen at the RSN Hampton Court store back in 2013 and realized pretty quickly that I was out of my depth with crewelwork embroidery.

Over the years, I’ve taken classes and have been practicing on many smaller crewelwork projects. The “Rabbits!” design is one of my most favourite pieces that I stitched as a practice piece. It continues to be on display in my home.

This piece has brought me one step closer to starting on the firescreen!

Getting started…

This is a wonderful piece to practice stem stitch, french knots and long and short shading stitches. It’s also excellent for working small areas such as the acorns and the small spot of laid work in the bottom right corner.

Hillocks and bunnies (with no tails or eyes – poor things)
working the leaves and acorns

This soft, beautiful crewelwork piece was destined to become an accent pillow. After blocking to straighten the edges, I framed the embroidery with some lovely navy velvet fabric.

Finally eyes and tails (and a good blocking)
Pillow case is finished – all it needs is some trim and stuffing
My beautiful pillow!

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