I am always looking for stitching projects that I can work on in the winter when the lighting is not as good. This needlepoint piece “Paisley” by The Coleshill Collection was just the right one last winter. I’ve had this piece languising in my stash for quite some time and was very happy to put it in my stitching rotation.

This piece stitched up beautifully – 18 count monocanvas and some beautiful Appleton Crewel Wool in beautiful pinks, greens and blues with just a touch of gold to give it just a little extra, extra. The lighter colours and large size canvas made it the perfect winter project. And, honestly, stitching with Appleton is always a treat. It’s a delight to work with.

The finished pillow (plan B). The trim is my favourite part.
One of the paislies – close up! I love the colors in this piece – the gold just adds a little extra sparkle!
All outlines are done as well as some of the paisley designs – and some background too!
I enjoued stitching this piece, watching it slowly fill in. The colours are soft, yet distinct.
Nearly there – just the lovely creamy background to finish
I added an additional border to make the piece larger.
My original plan A was to use this piece to cover a footstool that I refinished. Sadly, I could not get it to fit over the corners without causing too much bulk.

And that’s how plan B happened. I couldn’t quite figure out how to wrap the corners of the paisley piece around the corners of the foam without there being too much bulk. In the end, instead of unpicking and restitching the corners, I decided to leave all of the stitching in place and finish as a pillow.

A close up of the back – cornflower blue chenille fabric.
Fuzzy brush fringe trim – I had so much fun removing the basting and let the fringe fluff!

And the foot stool? I paid a visit to my fabric stash and found this lovely navy and gold peacock canvas. It was just the perfect fabric for the footstool!

So now I have two new lovely bespoke pieces in my house. The pillow as a lovely chair accent, and the footstool to prop up my feet as I stitch my next project!

The stool was covered with some gorgeous gold and navy peacock canvas fabric from my stash.

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