Don’t you just love a good biscornu? They are the most unusual, fun shapesd little pin pillows! These little lovelies make me smile – they are just that odd and interesting ❤️

“Chantilly” by Lorene Salt

Chantilly by Lorene Salt was so much fun to stitch! It’s my first canvaswork biscornu and it was just so much fun to do. Lorene and I are kindred spirited when it comes to colourways – purples and turquoises – my favourite colours!

“Viola” by Rainburst Embroidery

My first biscornu! I stitched “Viola”many years ago and it’s always been one of my favourite finishes. Blackwork and beads 👍🏻

A design of my own based on “The Steady Thread designs by Clare Bradshaw. Clare’s designs are so lovely and I was inspired to create this biscornu from her sweet little bee and lady bug designs.
Bee Square Biscornu (The Steady Thread)

If you are interested in learning more about Clare Bradshaw and her awesome botanical designs be sure to visit her website: “The Steady Thread” website here:

She’s got a huge following on her Facebook group. Check group out here:

Here’s the chart for the biscornu, should you like to make one of your own!

They are addictive – once you make one, you end up making many.

This teeny “Daisy Biscornu” is designed by Hazel Blomkamp from South Africa. My biscornu is a “Lisa Original” as I find needle-lace quite difficult and opted to keep the petals as simple as possible.

And lastly, this lovely Phoenix biscornu design by Tiny Modernist. I started this project with very good intentions on finishing as a biscornu. BUT…. stuff happens…. and now it’s a tray insert!

The story of the phoenix biscornu that never was…

I’ve been wanting to make this lovely biscornu pattern for some time now. If you are into biscornus, you must check out Tiny Modernist’s site. She’s got so many lovely biscornu designs – of all sorts! and if you are a true die hard, you can sign up for her monthly biscornu pattern subscription – she releases very regularly (every month).

Remember thread count? well I didn’t think much on it, until I had this piece half stitched and realized that I picked a 28 count evenweave. Soooo. my “little” biscornu turned out to be not so little – clocked in at over 5″ square finished.

In my imagination, I had this piece pegged as a smaller, tree-ornament sized finished piece. The 5″ size didn’t do it for me, so… on to plan B… a tray – which I think turned out just marveoulsly!

Tray fixings – need some paint!

The insert for this tray is very easy and fun to make yourself! No sewing machine required – you can do this completely by hand. To learn more, please check out my tutorial on mounting to foam core…

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