My “Year of Christmas Stitching” is going quite well. For some reason, I’ve felt the need to stitch primarily Christmas embroideries this year. Christmas stockings, ornaments, wall hangings, you name it, I’m stitching it!

Do you remember the lovely Erica Michael’s “12 Days of Christmas” strawberry set I finished earlier this year?

Apparently I’m not yet done with embroideries related to this song and have stitched up yet another set of ornaments – I’m calling this the Sequel set!

I’ve long admired the felt ornaments from designer Larissa Holland of Mmmcrafts on Etsy. Earlier this year, I decided to take the plunge and start stitching the 12 Days of Christmas series. And what fun! I’ve enjoyed the process thoroughly – the ornaments are delightful and instructions by Larissa are wonderful. She gives lots of tips, both in the instructions and on her free blog on how to work with felt: pre-shrinking, using the Fabri-Solvy dissolving interfacing, exploring different colourways, and so much more.

In order to become the best enabler possible, I’ve listed all of the links to Larissa’s sites and to all of the places where I have purchased materials at the bottom of this post! I’m keen to get going on her next series… ‘Twas the Night Befort Christmas … Santa and Mrs. Claus are next!

Partridge and Pear
Turtle Dove
French Hen
Colly Bird
Gold Ring
Goose a Laying and Egg
Swan a Swimming
Maid a Milking
Drummer drumming
Piper Piping
Lady Dancing
Lord a Leaping
A mess of ornaments

Felt Supplies!

I’ve purchased most of my supplies from the following sites. Excellent products, shipping and customer service! I will shop with both of them again in the future!

Patterns and Instructions

Larissa’s patterns can be found here – her designs are a delight!

Larissa’s Most Helpful Blog Posts

And more information from Larissa on different colourways for your ornaments can be found here. In addition she has some very helpful tips on working with wool felt that I found very helpful. I highly recommend reading through her blog posts before you begin stitching her ornaments. I refer to them often.

Pre-Made Heads, Felt and Supplies – In Canada!

Prim Heirloom Designs is in Canada! I purchased pre-finished wooden heads for my ornaments and they are just wonderful.

Up Next…

I am moving on to another of Larissa’s ornament series with Santa and Mrs. Claus from the- “Twas the night before Christmas” series. This set takes another step in difficulty by adding beads and sequins! Mrs. Claus is currently half finished and I’ll post a follow up when these two delightful ornaments are finished!

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