And here they are… in no particular order (with the exception of the first and last pages) … all of the spreads for the journal. It’s quite a collection and a wonderful compilation of the embroideries that are in this journal.

Next steps…

  • finish stitching the front cover (blackwork)
  • finish the two remaining layouts (4 leaf clover and bee page)
  • dragon fly layout for the inside front cover?
  • add words to the back cover?
  • spine design
  • final journal assembly
Partially finished front cover. A bit wrinkly!!
Inside front cover still needs to be finished. My original front cover is now the title page.
The temperature stitch pages
Goldwork trees
Garden poem and bee page – still unfinished.
Harry Potter!
Floral Field
LOTR – simple, effective layouts
The purple pages – Monogram and violets.
Four leaf Clovers – as yet unfinished…
Crewel strawberry and Jimmy the Hamster
The back cover – should I add the words?

and all of this needs to be done by April 1!

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